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Client Testimonials

Kamat Hotels

When it came to features, STAAH met all needs – and more. “The pooled inventory system applied in STAAH Max Channel Manager is much more effective in managing inventory. It helps identify the various channels that need to be used to maximise bookings during a specific period of time, and also minimise the costs associated with achieving those bookings,”

Jetty Road Retreat

“From integrating to our channel partners to onboarding and ongoing support to ensure we make the most of STAAH’s smart technology, the journey has been seamless,” With STAAH, Jetty Road Retreat got all the features it was looking for from a distribution system, including a dynamic pricing system, ability to offer promos and discounts easily, insightful reporting to make data-driven decisions and an intuitive platform.

Kloe Hotel

Since moving to the STAAH network two years ago, KLoe has seen a growth in online bookings, particularly direct bookings that have increased by 20%.
While STAAH’s channel manager helped them streamline online distribution, making it efficient, accurate and highly optimised, the booking engine helped them grow much-needed commission-free direct bookings via their website.